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Family Shoots

A question that I get asked regularly is “do you do family shoots?”. My simple answer is yes. I would say that doing family portraits is one of my favourite areas of photography. Compared to shooting a wedding, I find them so much less stressful, and I think that documenting the family, especially children is so important because they grow so fast! 

I wanted to do a blog post about family shoots mainly to answer the question about whether I do them but also to show you all a few shots from last years family sessions.

Another question that I get asked a lot is “what do we wear for our family shoot?”. These are your pictures and so you really need to wear what you are comfortable wearing. My advice is to try wear matching colour tones, for example neutrals as this just helps the unity in a photograph and there isn’t one particular person ‘jumping out’ at you on every shot. Wear comfy, flowing clothes! Even though my style is often described as flattering, the camera really does show up a lot of lumps and bumps that we would rather not see, and so I always advise clients to wear looser more flowing clothes. You’ll still look great on the pictures, and probably less self conscious too.

“Where do you do your family shoots?” – Wherever you want them! I love shooting on location and the majority of my work is outside because I love natural lighting. I am happy to travel, and this is usually included in the price. So have a think about a place that you love and let me know where it is in an email.

“Can I bring my dog?” ABSOLUTELY! In fact I usually ask people to bring their dogs. I love photographing animals, and its not often people get to have a beautiful picture of their pets to frame. They make such interesting shots, and always get people laughing and smiling during the session too.

I hope this post has helped answer a few questions. I have recently started a new instagram account specifically for family and pet shoots. 

You can find it here ;

Heres a few images for you to have a flick through;

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